In this page, I would like to show you a vision of engineering with limited resources, and how you can do great things with them. Here you will find several projects I’ve developed, to be shared with this goal: All the engineering fans find this site interesting.

It’s focused in the design and construction of a CNC 3 Axis Milling Machine DIY. Here I describe all the process, detailed and with pictures, about all the tests and projects I did, I have done and I will do.

Main characteristics CNC Mill

  • Working dimensions max:1000x500x200 mm
  • Structure made in MDF plates 19mm thickness, reinforced with steel square tubes
  • Lineal guide system with L profiles and ball bearings (see the post for more details)
  • Spindels M12 3P6
  • Total dimensions: 1700x630x550
  • Mill: Kress 1050
  • Tool holder: diameter 10, 8, 6, 3 mm

Electronic characteristics:

  • Driver 2M542, 4 axis
  • PAP Motor: Nema23
  • Power supply 24V 15A
  • Control Software: LinuxCNC
Ya está montado y funcionando el 4º Eje Para esta Fresadora Como novedad, he desarrollado también el cuarto eje adaptado a esta fresadora, totalmente funcional. Los planos los tienes disponibles y a la venta por muy poco!
4th axis is already mounted and working for this CNC milling machine.
Drawings are available very cheapy!