My name is Oscar, I’m Mechanical Engineer and I have been involved in many engineering projects. When I finished my studies i worked in Politechnic University of Valencia, participating 7 editions (2005-2012) in the Shell Eco-Marathon, in a very active way, doing the manage the fabrication and mechanical design team. Once i finished this stage i’ve worked as a professional in design and fabrication projects involved high performance cars, and general engineering companies.

This are all the UPV Eco-Marathon team vehicles.

Thanks to my experience in this projects, I’ve improved my knowledge in CAD / CAM programs: SolidWorks, Catia; Autocad, FEM programs, etc…

Different calcs and structural designs, and aerodynamic calcs.

I’ve also acquired knowledge in machining, lathe and mill, and TIG MIG welding , and a long variety of metal works.

Works done in mill, lathe, TIG welding and mechanical assemblies

In my time in the world of high performance automotive, I’ve learned the main techniques for designing and manufacturing composite parts, carbon fiber, fiberglass, molds, etc … And I’ve applied them in multiple parts and projects, such as a radio controlled sailboat.

Some fo the carbon fiber projects: Sailboat, byke seat, steering wheel…..

Because of my vocation in engineering and my passion for mechanics, I have been able to develop many projects. I feel passion for my work, and it is this motivation that has driven me to create this site, which I intend to share this passion with you all.

Thanks for your interest.

Contact email: