Do you have any project on mind, but you don’t know how to start? Do you have problems about how to fix your milling machine, homemade machine or similar?

I’m not a NASA engineer, and i never worked for F1, but I have had to develop lots of projects with a lot of material limitations, and if i really know to do something, is find solutions with low resources. Tell me what you need, and maybe we can fix it together. Here you have some samples of projects i’ve developed, or where i can help you:

  • CNC Milling machine (obviously), with different configurations, or different applications
  • Winding machine for carbon filaments
  • Support structure machinery
  • Carbon fiber parts: Design, master or model creation, molds and part creation. (If you need a carbon fiber part and you don’t know how to build it, send me an email with all details, i will try to help you and find a way to do it)
  • Different applications mechanism (homemade)
  • Any kind of modelism component.

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