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Following on from the previous post, I wanted to mention other work that I developed with my router, and I find very interesting. Based on the concepts of cutting machining, or contouring, and the carbon fiber material, I was doing tests with different geometries. My wife asked me to do some hanging, and it seemed a great idea because the color of carbon gives a very elegant texture. We were thinking designs, and finally we get these small tests.
First, obviously perform machining wood, to verify that the code was well done, and would not have any problems. Once I saw the pieces go well, there is only rerun the program again.

First the CAD design, as always:

Then we had to machine:

02c05-img-20130823-wa0019 (1)
Once the wood pieces go well, let’s go to the  carbon plate:
 The result has been very satisfactory, as starting from a well finished carbon plate only requires a little sanding of edges to obtain a final very professionally.
This allows us to design any imaginable shape and turn it into carbon with extreme rapidity and simplicity.
In line with jewelry and work with multiple items, also wanted to link to the blog that is creating my own wife, with a theme entirely dedicated to handmade jewelery, very cheap and easy to get materials, and any processing that you can learn.
The real contribution is the creativity and imagination that hangs in each entry. I really recommend it:

Of course, if you’ve liked these designs, or want to make your own carbon fiber designs and do not complicate you want, I can make any design you like in carbon fiber, 3mm thick. Just write me for prices:

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