Here you will find the files from the projects on this page. If you are interested in one you can not see here, contact me

9bbfb-img_20120905_182244 Model of  Warship Princesa

Corresponding to the post “Step 21: Improving machining” fromat SETP and IGS.
Download here: PRINCESA

SILLIN 2 - (0) Bicycle Saddle Model

Corresponding to the post  “New Part: Bicycle seat” format STEP y IGS
Download here: SILLIN

18 Mariposa en recortable

2D cut in 3mm plate, 3D in STEP and IGS, and 2D distribution of all parts in DXF. Found it in GRABCAD:

Download here: MARIPOSA

 01  Hélice lista para mecanizar

Corresponding to the post  “Nueva pieza: La hélice (programación)” But iin a new version where I fix some previous errors, format STEP and IGS

Download here: HELICE

 Captura  Cabeza

Corresponding to the post  “Nueva Pieza: Cabeza (1/2)” format STEP y IGS
Download here: CABEZA


Manual del driver TB6560

4 axis driver TB6560 maual in pdf (the one I use)
Download here: MANUAL TB6560

 arbol 02 Árbol en MDF

Vectorized file of the tree parts, corresponding to the post: Arbol en MDF
Download here: arbol MDF

 9fda5-sol03  Bisutería en Fibra de Carbono

Vecorized files of the parts corresponding to the post: Más Bisutería en fibra de carbono
Download here: bisuteria fibra carbono

 Captura Rótulo NANCY

Vecorized files of the nancy label corresponding to the post : Mecanizado en madera: Rotulo Nancy
Download here: nancy

 Mecedora  Mecedora

Vectorized files of the parts to build a rocking chair, corresponding to the post: Mecanizado en madera: mecedora
Download here: mecedora

IMG_20140630_205610  Grabado Caballo

STL File for the Horse engraving, corresponding to the post : Grabado en Madera: Caballo
Download here: Horse



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