Here you will find the drawings of the 4th Axis that you have already seen in the posts about her develop:


4th Axis (Design)

4th Axis (Metalic parts)

4th Axis (MDF Structure)

Cost: 5€

With this option you will get a file packagewith all the detailed drawings in PDF about all the necesary components to build your own 4th axis, with a max discante between points of 500mm, and a height shaft max of 80mm. The included files are:

  • PDF and DXF files of all the parts you need, including the assembly drawings
  • DXF files of the parts for cut program
  • More Drawings: If you need any extra detail, a new drawing, or detailed view that is not include in the package, i’m able to generate everything you need of any part of the project
  • Doubts resolution: Ask me everything you need to know about the construction, alternative solutions, where to find components, suppliers, specific data, all you need to know, i’m at your disposal

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