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On this page I try to show an overview of the engineering applied with limited tools, and how with a few resources you can achieve great things. Here you can find different projects that I have developed, and I wanted to share, with the main idea that mechanical fans find interesting, entertaining and enlightening them.

Take a look, I’m sure you will enjoy the visit!


This project is focused on the design and construction of a Homemade CNC milling machine three axes. Here I describe the entire process, and detailed photographs, and all tests and projects I’ve done and I’ll make with it.

Take a tour, I’m sure you will find something interesting.

Mechanical characteristics:

  • Max working meassures: 1000x500x200 mm
  • Structure made in MDF boards 19mm thickness, reinforced with square steel tubes
  • Lineal guide system with “L” profiles and ball bearings (see entry to more details)
  • trapezoidal spindles M12 3P6
  • Total dimensions: 1700x630x550
  • Mill: Kress 1050
  • Tool handler: Ø10, 8, 6, 3 mm

Electronic characteristics:

  • Driver TB6560 4 axis
  • Motor Nema23
  • Power Supply 24V 15A
  • Software: LinuxCNC

Want to make your own carbon fiber parts? Just give me your dxf design, freehand drawing, picture in jpg, and I will cut carbon and engraving. Just enter HERE. Look at these examples:

IMG_20141102_200510 DSCN2793 be0ab-01 IMG_20141102_200329

As a novelty, I’ve developed the 4th Axis adapted to this CNC, totally functional. You have the drawings aviable to buy very cheap!. Click here: 4th Axis Drawings


If you are interested in build a mill like this, you have at your disposal all drawings and technical consultants. If you have the tools, you have no excuse!

THere are also aviable the 4th Axis drawings. What’s a 4th axis? take a look at this posts (Design, metalic parts, MDF structure) And if you like what you see, do it one ofr you! Click here

Due to multiple requests, cost of drawings becomes Premium version 30 € Basics version 20 €

This cost is not closed. Ask first if you have any questions: ostervi.ozono@gmail.com