More Jewelry in Carbon fiber

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I keep doing more pieces with carbon fiber plate from a previous post, I wanted to take more tests and showing the possibilities and the variety of things to do. The process remains the same, easy with Vectric Aspire, for in less than 15 minutes I can have the design, the CAM program and pass it to CNC, with just 5 minutes of machining parts.
These are pieces for jewelry, and a keyring for a motorcycle (the long piece), one of the orders I receive. The size is about 25-30mm tall hearts and suns and have a thickness of about 4mm. (maybe too fat, but the effect is still good)

Like I said, not much to tell, just to show the different parts and models that you can find in the downloads section, in case you want the file to DXF.

The process becomes the usual: Cut carbon, hand sand and lime to make the edges cleaned up, and wet sanding the carbon surface view. After a few coats of lacquer are passed to clog the pores, and if necessary, re-sanded and re-varnished to achieve a bright mirror finish. Easy and simple.