More Carbon Fiber Cut

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On behalf of the owner of the blog Manualidades Caseras, I’ve had to cut some custom jewelry designs in carbon fiber. Based on the plate I fabricated with the method I explained in another post (Manufacturing Carbon Fiber Plates) I have enough material to make these prototypes. The procedure, as I have explained on other occasions, is quite simple. In this case I started from freehand sketches with ideas that had different designs for pendants, chains, earrings, etc … And I just had to scan them and put them in the Vectric Aspire. Then go vectoring hand drawing until the vectors as similar as possible to the drawings: colgantes fibra de carbono 01 Once we have the vectors, the rest is a breeze: Select the necessary tools, machining strategy plan and generate paths: colgantes fibra de carbono 02 colgantes fibra de carbono 03 Of course, a simulation is always necessary to make sure that we cut everything properly, you have properly configured tags, and that do not cut the outside first and then the inside … In this case, the order does matter . colgantes fibra de carbono 04 Well, we can proceed to make dust … We put the plate on the table, properly secured, especially to not stay bent, so the engraving is uniform everywhere. colgantes fibra de carbono 05 We started the cutter, and give to Play … First it made ​​the engraving. Then it asks for the tool change, so proceed to cut everything that is programmed, leaving parts subject to the array using the tags: colgantes fibra de carbono 06 Fine work. The cutter works perfectly. Now we just have to cut with a cuttex tags, and sand the edges a bit, and we all finished prototypes IMG_20141102_143832 The truth is that it is very rewarding to work with these materials. Although for some pieces is a painstaking job, but for these things is extremely simple and the result is spectacular: IMG_20141102_200329 IMG_20141102_200402 IMG_20141102_200510 IMG_20141102_200425 IMG_20141102_200605

In this video you will see all the cutting process:

You see how easy it is to get any pendant, ornament, earring, key chain, etc … in a very “glamorous” material. While not as cheap as wood materials, I assure it is more affordable than you imagine. The carbon fiber plates today, can be purchased at many online stores, and with a machine so can be cut with ease you have just seen. Needless to say, that if you want to have a keychain, pendant, etc … carbon fiber, with your custom design, you just have to contact me. Give me a picture, a drawing, a drawing in dxf … and I will value the cost of carbon fiber. You’ll see as it is not so expensive! If you want more details about how to get your own design, just click Here.