Wood Machining: Rocking chair

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Following an assignment that made ​​me, this is another piece that I considered interesting hang here. Based on pictures I’ve been finding on the internet, I designed my own rocking chair, where no need to mount any nail or screw. It fits her own self, as you can see in the CAD design:


With the same procedure as in previous entries, I proceed to get the 1:1 drawings of different parts in DWG format, so they can be opened in Vectric Aspire. This will prepare the machining process and generate the code G.

I have taken to using this program a little embellishment to give it some more “personality”. This rocking chair is part of a commission, to serve as the setting for a blog of the famous doll collectors Nancy: My Nancys, my kids and I, being made ​​for their dimensions. So I’m going to put the label “NANCY” according to the original logo on the upper back, and I’ll draw the emblem of the blog in question at the center of the back (three hearts).

This last ornament, I’ll make an insert from another type of wood, making a recess on the first plywood backrest and hearts cut to fit their seats. This way I will have a contrast of two woods that will give a stylish touch.

Computer work done, proceed to cut the woods:


Logo first….

And then emptying and cut all the pieces …

Then it takes some manual work to leave a good finish to all parts. Sand the edges, adjust the battlements to fit a wood well with others, etc. …


Once cut parts of the central ornament, and adjusted all, this is the initial assembly of the chair:


As you can see, the result is quite good.

IMG_20140601_124537And here the fully assembled rocking chair and ready to varnish.

For varnished wood, first have to sand all the pieces with a fine grit sandpaper (grit 280 would be enough) As the plywood as it already has a pretty good finish, so we get is deburring, hair, and other imperfections leaving very smooth wood.

First apply a special dye wood, once dry, clean the surface with a rag, fine to leave again, and I apply the recently discovered to me wrist apply varnish. This is to soak a cotton swab inside the paint, and go like we’re applying applying wax. It is very smooth, with a thin layer of varnish, without brush marks:

DSCN2923 DSCN2924 DSCN2926

IMG-20140601-WA0027 IMG-20140601-WA0029 IMG-20140601-WA0031

A result with a good finish, simple and practical. I hope you liked it.

Of course, if you want the CAD files, you can find in the downloads section

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    • ostervi

      Hola. Realmente esta mecedora la diseñé para usarla a esa escala, y adaptada a la muñeca Nancy, como comento en la entrada. De quererla escalar a medidas reales, habria que redimensionarla para que le fuera comoda a una persona real. Cuales serían esas medidas? Exactamente que es lo que tienes en mente?