Wood Machining: Nancy label

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Following a request from several works that have asked me, this is an interesting one, at least for the relationship between finishing / ease of creation …

Basically this is a tagline for a sewing blog, specifically the classic Nancy doll. If you are interested in the theme there is really good stuff, “my nancys, my kids and I”

I needed a tagline to have a background when taking pictures of the dresses, with a little time and imagination, this was the process:

Search the logo and import it into Vectric Aspire.
Vectorize JPG, vectors and work if necessary.
Select the area to be machined and configure the tool and cutting conditions


And that’s it, you just prepare the wood, anchor it to your site and hit play. With these simple steps (.. Took me 10 min in the CAD / CAM phase and 7 min machining) have something as nice as this:

rotulo nancy

rotulo nancy

As always, if anyone is interested, you have the dxf file in the download section