If you need to create your own pieces, but have no means to build a CNC on your own, or you just need to do a limited amount of parts and you don’t worth the effort to build one, use mine!

Write me explaining your need, and i will help you in CAD design, and machining the necessary parts. The cost will be agreed between both.

The main characteristics about what can I do, are:

  • Any machining inside the next dimensions: 1000x500x200mm
  • Any material non metalic: Resins, wood, plastics, carbon fiber plates, etc…
  • 3D shapes which machining do not need more than 3 axis.

As a working samples:

  • Model machining o molds for composites pieces (glass fibre, carbon fibre)
  • Engraving in wood
  • 2D cut, in different thickness, for example: RC Planes fuselages, Rc car chassis in carbon fiber, any kind of geometry.
  • 3D shape machining of any kind
  • PCB electronic boards
  • etc…

IMG-20140126-WA0007 IMG-20130823-WA0026 IMG-20130823-WA0020 IMG_20131003_152339 IMG_20130815_164638 IMG_20130911_192917 IMG_20130518_140756 IMG_20130311_195936IMG-20130824-WA0029