Yatch model IOM class 2/3

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Now, I can put the resin in his place, and start to clamp it. Logically, the orientation must be the better possible, so I’m going to use the straight side of the DM plate as a reference. In that way, and moving tool along X axis I will check that it’s all OK
I want to focus on this step, so I’m going to machining a positioning holes, to join later both molds. If there are any small mistake, they will not fit properly.
As I keep working, I discover new problems that must be solved one by one. One very important is the tool height, that is too short. I need for this model at least 100mm of height, so I need to build an extension for the tool:


to solve it, I machining a steel adaptor, to extend the tool length 80mm more.
So, finally, let’s create dust!
The program I created takes 3 hours, doing a machining with this characteristics:
– Overlap tooling: 90%
– Depth: 5mm
– Feed: 500mm/min
So with all this, and three hours and two dust bags later, we finally have the first step. Here you have some pictures: