New Place: Final workshop

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Finally I was able to place the machine in what I hope is the last location. I have enabled a small workshop in my home, and of course I have booked a cozy corner for my CNC.
I have achieved a more stable table that I had (plastic folding). It multiplied the vibrations of the machine, causing him to lose some precision (even so, I managed to do everything that I show on this blog) and I hope that now go much better.


I also took advantage to make a small facelift and update certain parts of the design:

– I had thought some time ago, but I finally got steel rods to reinforce the bridge, because it seems that the entire bridge could bend a little. Recall that this CNC is made of wood, and is not it a very rigid material. So two bars to strengthen the pillars of the bridge, and two to reinforce the beam itself. Now I already have a large stiffness. It is also true that weighs nearly 2 kg more, which makes the following amendment necessary:

– I changed the aluminum rails where rolling bearings, for profiles in L stainless steel. With time and use I’ve given him, were already beginning to mark the tracks, especially in the X axis, and this would be a fungible more so because it had scrapped, it was an opportunity. 25€ 6 meters.


The main problem has been that these profiles, instead of having a thickness of 4 as the mark design is 3mm. So I have had to change some parts to make those MDF 2mm shorter, and be able to adjust the bearings. It was an afternoon of work, but it was worth it. Now the CNC does look much better than before, and more sturdiness.

– I’ve gotten a cable carrier chain, so I also used to install it, it was not really necessary, but it gives a very good professional touch ..


– Well, all the cables tidy, the box with the controller in your location, a flat computer screen, courtesy of my neighbor (thank you) as well as the table … now I can already say that the CNC has its corner very well furnished.

Now finally, I’m thinking of putting on airship suction tube to absorb shaving, because i produce a significant amount of dust, and I do not want the whole room is full of dust.

For now with this I justify all the time I’ve been without raising any entries. I will keep working.

  1. javierbotanz

    Que ganas!!….estamos en el aula, con un grupo de 9 alumnos de 2º de grado medio de madera, viendo tu máquina. A ver si podemos contactar, te he pedido amistad en Facebook. Saludos.