Step 01: Decision making

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The first step as always, is the CAD design. Since I have some experience with SolidWorks, having worked in cars design, I decided to use this program to the entire design.

The main thing when considering to do , it is especially search for information. I think I’ve come to visit ALL the pages listed on google on cnc homemade, both in spanish and English. Forums, blogs, personal pages , YouTube videos, etc … Almost a month researching helped me to define my main features of the design. Especially considering my budget limitations both as tools available.

With all this information, I decided to take the following characteristics: The main structure would be made in MDF, which is quite stable and strong. This structure would be reinforced with steel bars. The linear bearings would be made them cheaply. On the internet I discovered a system made ​​of aluminum L-profiles and skate bearings, pretty cheap, but that has proven quite eficaz. I’ve decided to design the structure in three parts:

  • The main table: The table, reinforced in order to serve to tie the pieces, and that will include the guides and the spindle axis X
  • Bridge: A structure that will house the guides and the spindle axis, which will have to be sufficiently strong and stable to avoid gaps.
  • The support of Z axis: a small structure that will run along the Y axis, and will house the guides and spindle axis Z.
  • Tool handler: tour the Z axis and will have to receive the support of the tool you want to add: a Dremel, drill, etc …
  • All designed based on rectangular pieces of MDF, linked by a system that I’ll decide later.

Electronics, since I have no idea of ​​this issue, I decided to choose one of those kits that is selling online, at great rates, that includes: The controller board, three stepper motors, the power supply, emergency button and the required connectors. That’s it, an ideal package for electronic ignorant as me.
With all this already decided, I can start to design in CAD ​​the entire machine.

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