Step 03: CAD Design Details

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This would be the origin part, where the main lines define all the dimensions of the machine. Just changing this dimensions, as all the parts are associated to this part, they will update automaticaly


This is the summary of the main table. A big plate of MDF, 1220x680mm, with two boards as front and back support. All the table is reinforced with a square steel tube, joined with brackets. I didn’t wanted to use weldment because of not deformed the straightness of the tubes.


The bridge, is basically four boards joined and reinforced, with some modifications to screw the supports for the bearings, and all necessary to install the motors, spindles and the rest of components



The Z axis support, is also a structure done with rectangular boards, what makes easy the fabrication. This should hold the bearing supports for Y axis, spindle nut for this axis, and the guides, spindle, motor, bearings, etc…
The tool handler is something easier. Only should hold the bearing supports for Z axis, and a small structure for the Drill

With all this components, with an easy design, we would have a CNC machine. Of course, there are still a lot of work to do, assembly, adjusting, electronic… lot of work. But that’s other story.

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  1. Oscar Terrer

    Supongo que te refieres a las guias donde apoyan los rodamientos, efectivamente, en aluminio duran pocas horas antes de marcarlas por el peso de los rodamientos. Ya estoy implementado unas nuevas de acero inoxidable. Espero que funcione bien!
    Cuando lo tenga colgare una nueva entrada con mas detalles