Step 05: Organization

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The organization of this kind of project is as important as design the different parts. If we don’t establish a good hierarchy, with all the parts and assemblies differenced and organized, we have the risk of mix parts, duplicate things or make dependencies between parts wrong. It’s also very important to have a good list of parts in an excel file. where we could insert all the data of every part. As we are going to do not only the CAD design, also the fabrication, this is going to include some process that need to have controlled.

This kind of organization is what some kind of CAD programs already do, that’s it, a PLM program, or Product Lifecycle Management. Of course, at a much more complex level, but more or less is something like this. As this is too much complex to use, I’ve tried to organize my project by myself. So i’ve made a simply excel, where in every line i have the data of every part. And the data, with my experience, is this:
Units, weight, design phase finished, validation, drawings, material, fabrication, commercial part, costs, part finished, dimensions…

La ventaja de utilizar esta herramienta, es que se puede asociar a una base de datos de Acces, con lo que ademas se pueden realizar consultas y listados, lo que puede ser muy útil. Por ejemplo, si tengo muchas piezas de un determinado material y dimensión, mediante consultas de Acces, se pueden filtrar todas las piezas de esas características en concreto, de forma que si necesito saber cuantos tornillos de M8 de 35 de longitud necesito para TODA la maquina, de esta forma lo tengo fácilmente accesible, y solo tengo que hacer un viaje a la ferretería.