Step 06: Sistema de unión de tableros

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the way to join different boards MDF is fundamental so it will define the design. Depending on the system we use, it will be necessary to design it in some way or another. I specifically, I found this system, based on many systems I’ve seen online. I found it in a hardware store in my neighborhood. Consisting of a cylinder with a hole radially with a metric thread. it is this component (the one with one hole):

With this cylinder, and a normal screw you can join two boards perpendicular. Here I put a little diagram of how the connection is made:
In the left part, a hole is made to enter the cylinder. With a hole perpendicular to the cylinder, the screw is passed through the two boards. Thus, tightening the screw together the two boards firmly, and what is more important, we have not made a thread in the wood, that is, for many times that we ride this system, the wood does not wear out, it’s not the same to screw with tapping thread, just wearing wood and threads. Fundamental to this machine.
To make the holes, I had to make a tool, because there are such large boards that I can not make the hole with the milling machine. So I had to use a hand drill. Obviously, this is necessary for making the hole perfectly perpendicular. If not, it will not fit well:
I must admit that this system has been fundamental, even you can regulate, just with some washers can be adjusted accurately distances between boards, wrapping up the final adjustments, but that will be another story.

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