Step 09: Main Table (03)

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The front and back boards are screwed to the main table as well as the steel tubes.
In order to seat the motors correctly, they have a cylindrical surface with a height of 1.5mm which is used to guide them into his location, so I need to make a Ø38mm and 1.5 deep hole. Sadly I haven’t got any drill of this characteristics, but i’m going to drill MDF, so I thought that i could do my own tool. So i get a steel part, and with the lathe i made my own tool you can see below

The result is really satisfactory. Now the X axis motor fits perfectly

A laborious work are the multiple auxiliary parts that are not seen or are not given importance in the overall, but that are essential to make things work. These in particular are the tops of the spindle bearings, the axial forces that supported the shaft. The manufacture, i will do all toghether in order to save time and ensuring measures. I’ve cut 6 sheets of custom-design measures, but a bit bigger. Then, taking them all together I milling 4 sides all at once, so that the 6 plates are exactly the same dimension. Then, placing them in the drill machine, I will make the 4 holes and the center hole with the appropriate drill. Then, the resulting are 6 pieces, which will have the exact same holes. Then sand the edges to give them a good finish.
Here you can see the bearing housing, where I’ll put the pieces I’ve made before. Between  the two bearing I must to put a bush.
This is the final view of both bearings with his own plates. I’ve made a countersunk hole for the screws, so the screw heads will not go out. This will be usefull for the bridge movement.
This is the exterior view of the bearing with the self-locking nuts

With all this elements, the main table is finished. Only left install the spindle and the motor, but this will be mounted next

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