Step 15: The Electronics

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Electronics is the step that scared me more, because it was the most unknown for me. I’m mechanical engineer, and i’m not an “expert” in electronic, but I’m lucky to found already prepared kits who have made me more easy this project.
Sucarmo company has ofered me a good price kit, which includes this: Power supply, driver TB6560 for 4 motors, 4 Nema23 motors,emergenci button, connectors, a fan and a CD with al the documentation and the Mach3 program.
First thing I wanted to try was if I would be able to connect all components, temporarily and control the motors with Mach3. It doesn’t seems complicated, so hands on job. Every motor with his connection, and spend hours until discover how Mach3 works, because it seems a bit complicated. Luckily I’ve found many manuals and documentation in internet.

In this video I show how despite mi unknowledge, i have been able to run the system. Fantastic!

Next step in the electronics is mount all the components and the cables in a definitive way, so all could work properly. To do this, I bought an electronic box, the cables of 4 wires for the motors, and cable of two wires for the limit sensors, the connectors, the shrinkable, general switch, fan and base, etc… All thanks a good friend, Thanks Sergi. After to mount everything, seems a very professional box, as you can see at this image

Very good finish, and the most important, it works!!

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