Step 17: Last Details

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Well, mechanic works and construction is almost done. At last hour, i’ve decided realize a holes matrix in the main table, and introduce threaded sockets for the bottom, so i’m able to screw what I want at the main tablo to machining later. I’ve upgraded some of the cables, doing some holes, etc… The ables of the Z axis, with the gravity, can fall in the middle of the movement, so it could mean a lot of problems. So I’ve decided to put a long spring with all the cables, and screwed to the structure, so it will help to maintain all cables upward. The rest of cables of the X axis, is also rolled and hang for one side, but here there is no problem that intersect with the movement

The motor cables are fixed to the MDF structure with plastic plugs and tapping screws. Enough and very neat.


As you can see in the next pic, all the cables are protected, at least in the joints with the original cables of the motor, and all is guided with plastic plugs.


Finally, with the machining tests I’ve made, the dust is something can bring some problems. If the X guides are full of dust, when the bearing pass through them will compact it and will mark the aluminum guides, and with the time, it will cause vibrations and bad functioning. I must to avoid this the most possible, so I’ve designed an aluminum plate bended that will protect the bearings and guides, with a piece of rubber, but it’s not done yet.
As a provisional solution, I’ve instaled a paperboard wall, glued to the main table, to do some kind of “bowl”, so the most of the dust be inside this, so it will be easier to suck up.
The aspirator is also a very important element, I will install it to automatize the system. The big shavings will be scattered along all the table, and the most of the dust will be sucked. I will try to avoid that all the dust will deposite around all the room


This is the last video until now of the machine working. Logically, since the end of fabrication up to the moment to work in a efficient way, there are some days more of work, but I will try to explain all this in the next posts. It works really good, great!!

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