Do you want the same CNC mill? If you want to save all the design work, develop and start directly buying material and building it, you can get the drawings perfectly detailed of this milling machine. I have invested much time and expertise in developing these drawings, I invite you to avoid this work, plus provide many solutions to problems you will encounter, problems that I already have faced.

BASIC DRAWINGS:With this option you will receive a package pdf files with all the detailed drawings, correctly dimensioned of all the necessary components to build a CNC milling machine three axis, with a working volume of 1000x500x200mm, as you have seen on this web. The included files are:plano

  • PDF and DXF Drawings of all the necessary parts, including assembly drawings
  • Excel file with all the parts lists, also building parts as commercial parts, with a relation of the parts number, to help you to manage the construction of the mill. Usefull data base.
  • MDF cut table in DXF format, to use directly by a wood company to cut all the necessary parts.
  • More Drawings: If you need any extra detail, a new drawing, or detailed view that is not include in the package, i’m able to generate everything you need of any part of the project.
  • Doubts resolution: Ask me everything you need to know about the construction, alternative solutions, where to find components, suppliers, specific data, all you need to know, i’m at your disposal

Cost: 30€

If you want your router has a different measures, I can also offer the opportunity to change. I have a parameterized design, which means that it’s possible to change the main measures easily. If the measures are relatively small, the changes will be minor, if you need very large plotter measures, should be modified supports, reinforcements and bolts, which means more development time. Ask first if you are interested in this possibility. Obviously the cost will be increased, depending on the complexity of the new design.

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