Step 06: Sistema de unión de tableros

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the way to join different boards MDF is fundamental so it will define the design. Depending on the system we use, it will be necessary to design it in some way or another. I specifically, I found this system, based … Continued

Step 05: Organization

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The organization of this kind of project is as important as design the different parts. If we don’t establish a good hierarchy, with all the parts and assemblies differenced and organized, we have the risk of mix parts, duplicate things … Continued

Step 03: CAD Design Details

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This would be the origin part, where the main lines define all the dimensions of the machine. Just changing this dimensions, as all the parts are associated to this part, they will update automaticaly This is the summary of the … Continued

Step 02: CAD Design

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By the experience I have accumulated, especially in designs like this, that certainly is going to have to evolve, change, and adapt to different conditions according I discovered more things, it is essential to draw so that design changes affecting … Continued